Best Times For Planting

Contained plants may be planted at any time. If you want to avoid watering young plants then the optimum time to plant is from third week of September to mid October. The ground is warm, there will be adequate moisture in the ground and the plants will be well established by winter of their first …

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Hedge Planting Terms

Containers = Plants contained in plastic containers typically 2. 5 and 7.5 litre capacity. Bare root = Plants grown in the fields in Ireland, lifted in dormant season (November to March) and sold only in this season without any earth on roots. Rootball = Plants grown in the fields and lifted in the dormant season. …

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Good Reasons To Grow Hedges

Anyone who has sat relaxing in a warm sunny garden will appreciate the value of hedges. Whether formal stately boundary markers, or plants alive with scent and sound, hedges give privacy, shelter from cold winds, and a secluded peaceful place ‘far from the madding crowd’. We list here 10 good reasons to grow hedges. Create …

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Box - Buxus sempervirens (Bare Root)

Box Hedging: Read This First

July 2023. So far so good this year on box hedging. I have seen some really fine box hedges in full health so far this summer. However, many English and Irish gardens have seen box plants afflicted with various fungal leaf problems or insect damage. The leaves go brown in mid-summer and fall off. There …

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How To Plant A Hedge

Part 1: Preparation of the site Assess the site where you wish to plant. Is it part of an undisturbed field? If so the clay will usually be ok. If it is a site where the soil has been dug out and replaced using heavy machinery there are likely to be problems of mixed soil …

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