Portuguese Laurel


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Latin Name: Prunus Lusitanica

Outstanding large leaved evergreen plant, the green leaves having distinctive red stalks, up to 10 metres high, which makes a dense attractive long lived screen or wind break. It prefers good soil rich in organic matter. Water well after planting as the large leaves lose a lot of water in the drying spring winds. It will not tolerate poor drainage. Space young plants at 2 per metre. Larger root balled plants can be spaced up to 1 metre apart. All laurels may suffer from shot hole a harmless but unsightly fungal infection characterised by pin holes in the leaves. Spraying to control shot hole may leave you with perfect leaves but at a heavy cost to the environment.

An attractive evergreen hedging plant to 5 metres with large glossy dark green leaves and white flowers. Needs almost perfect growing conditions to do well. Good fertile soil, shelter from cold winds  and preferably limestone land are essential.  It can be subject to attack from airborne fungal leaf diseases and can be disfigured by shothole (holes in leaf created by fungal damage). While more attractive than common laurel with it’s glossy dark green leaves and almost red stems, it is not a plant for the perfectionist.  

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Container: 2 Litre (40-50 cm), Container: 7.5 Litre (60-80cm)

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