Downy Birch – Betula Pubescens (Bare Root)



Native broadleaf tree. Fast growing native tree with small heart shaped leaves whose catkins and seeds are a valuable wildlife food source. (Gaeilge : Beith Chlumhach. Bark used to make boats and shoes.) Height. 80-100cms. Bare root

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Fast growing native small tree to 20 metres which will tolerate wetter acidic soils better than silver birch. It will grow in most soil types and is a highly ornamental and graceful tree often called the lady of the woods. It is a good choice in a mixed native hedge, as a fast growing deciduous screen which filters but does not obscure a view, or as a stand alone tree that can be coppiced for fuel. It is host to a wide range of colourful fungii. Plant young small plants as it does not transplant well(Gaeilge : Beith Chlumhach. Bark used to make boats and shoes.)


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