Blueberries – Gold Traube 17 (Potted)

Blueberries - Gold Traube (Potted)
Blueberries - Gold Traube (Potted)Blueberries - Gold Traube (Potted)Blueberries - Gold Traube (Potted)


Good flavoured attractive health giving fruit. Strong well grown plants in a 3litre pot

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Gold Traube is a reliable fast growing late season variety producing large crops of tasty berries over a long period. Blueberries are reliable and easy to grow given the right conditions. They must be grown in acidic conditions and do best in acidic soil heavily enriched with organic matter. They will grow well in half barrells, part filled with old manure and topped up with ericaeous compost. They do not like to dry out. Preventing the birds taking the berries is the biggest challenge growing blueberries. Blueberries are considered to have many health giving properties are have a very high ORAC rating. The ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity is a measure of the total antioxidant power of foods devloped by the United States Department of Agriculture.


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