Rhubarb- Timperely Early (Potted)

Rhubarb- Timperely Early (Potted)


Easy to grow early variety which produces succelent pink sticks for rhubarb crumble and tarts.

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Product Description

Rhubarb is a stong growing perennial plant which disappears under the ground in winter. The pink shoots emerge in spring and can be harvested over a long period. Rhubarb likes rich fertile ground. Plant the young plants four feet apart in a bed four feet wide. Completely cover the rhubarb with a heavy mulch of organic matter when it dies back after the first frosts. Sheffield Hallam University’s biomedical research centre has shown that rhubarb is a potentia; source for a new generation of anti-cancerous drugs. And baking the plant for 20 minutes _ like in a crumble or pie _ dramatically increases their concentration, so more crumble anyone?


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