Portuguese Laurel – Prunus lusitanica (Potted)

Portuguese Laurel - Prunus lusitanica (Potted)
Portuguese Laurel - Prunus lusitanica (Potted)Portuguese Laurel - Prunus lusitanica (Potted)


An outstanding evergreen hedging plant to 5 metres with large glossy dark green leaves and white flowers. Plants are 30-40cms high in 3litre pots

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Outstanding large leaved evergreen plant, the green leaves having disinctive red stalks, up to 10 metres high, which makes a dense attractive long lived screen or wind break. It prefers good soil rich in organic matter. Water well after planting as the large leaves lose a lot of water in the drying spring winds. It will not tolerate poor drainage. Space young plants at 2 per metre. Larger rootballed plants can be spaced up to 1 metre apart. All laurels may suffer from shot hole a harmless but unsightly fungal infection characterised by pin holes in the leaves. Spraying to control shot hole may leave you with perfect leaves but at a heavy cost to the environment.

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30-40cm in 3l pot, 80-100cm in rootball


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