Blackcurrants – Ben Sarek (Bare Root)

Blackcurrants - Ben Sarek (Bare Root)
Blackcurrants - Ben Sarek (Bare Root)


A high yielding compact plant producing flavoursome berries.

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Raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute, Ben Sarek is considered to be the best garden variety in cultivation. It grows to about three feet and plants can be planted three feet apart, or even in containers. It produces huge crops of large black fruit which have excellent flavour and freeze well. Blackberries are best grown in humus enriched soil in full sun. Water well after planting and mulch the plants generously with grass clippings, cardboard, or any other organic matter which will smother any emerging weeds and feed the plants. Blackcurrants are one of the richest natural sources of important antioxidants like anthocyanins and Vitamin C. Blackcurrants have more than three times the Vitamin C of oranges and anthocyanin levels second only to some types of blueberry. These anthocyanins can help fight against cardiovascular disease, ageing, joint inflammation, eyestrain, urinary infections, kidney stones and even cancer.


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