Blackberries – Lough Ness Potted



Produces a high yield of large top quality fruit.

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A completely thornless blackberry, it produces heavy crops of large blackberries from early August to September. Large glossy black fruits with outstanding flavour. Best grown in humus enriched soil in full sun or partial shade. Blackberries produce three to four foot lax shoots which need to be supported either by other shrubs or tied into a wire support or a wall. Easy to grow, productive and disease resistant but requires space and care to harvest large crops. Net fruit from the birds or tie humming tape near the plants, which creates a humming sound irritating to birds when the wind whistles through. Probably at its happpiest scrambling through a hedge but difficult to protect the fruit from birds in this situation. Blackberries like many other berries are a very important food source and contain high levels of anti oxidants.


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