Asparagus – Connover’s Colossal(Potted)

Asparagus - Ariane (Potted)
Asparagus - Ariane (Potted)Asparagus - Ariane (Potted)


Asparagus crowns produce tasty spears and an established bed will be productive for twenty years. It takes two years to establish and is easy to produce if planted in proper conditions and kept weed free. Best grown in humus enriched soil in full sun or partial shade. Mulch well with seaweed in winter.

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An outstanding variety which produces deep green spears with purple tips. Remove all weeds completely by covering ground with black plastic for 6 months or spraying with a weedkiller. Dig a trench four feet wide and 2 feet deep. Fill generously with farmyard manure/seaweed/leaves/ ….any sort of organic matter. Cover with 6 inches of good friable topsoil and plant two lines 18 inches apart. Keep it weed free . Mulch with seaweed. Harvest only on third year.


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