BOX HEDGING: read this first

Nov 2012 :Many English and Irish gardens have seen diseases attacking box plants this summer. The leaves go brown in mid-summer and fall off. There are three different diseases which cause this to happen and while spraying with chemical fungicides will control the problem it is not in keeping with the idea of a garden as a green healthy space. Monty Don has said he would not plant box again. Rose growers have happily lived with this problem and lashed on th roseclear. The jury is still out in the horticultural industry but people are beginning to replace box with ilex crenata convexa and euonymus microphyllus.

Nov 2014. Box has been looking good for the last two years. That very wet summer of 2012 cased lots of problems. Fungii thrive best in wet moist conditions so here’s hoping for a three in a row of those fine summers.